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Sport Fishing Niagara
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Just where is the best trout and salmon fishing to be found?

When it comes to the Great Lakes, itís a no contest. Spend a day on the water with Grant Koppers of Sport Fishing Niagara and itís sure bet that the fishing is always hot 365 days of the year. Thatís the number days you can expect to find Koppers on the water , and with this guy the fishing is always hot! You can drift with Grant on the lower Niagara from October around til March and the chances are youíll experience the steelheading of a lifetime. Then thereís that awesome spring and summer trolling for king, coho and brown trout out from the mouth of the Niagara from April, right around til October. And if that isnít enough to satisfy you, then let Koppers hook you into a 30 to 40 pound lunge or enough pugnacious smallmouth that will wear your arms off.

Hereís a few examples of just how hot the fishing gets when spending a day on the water with Koppers. I met this ace angler down at the Queenston boat launch on one of the coldest November days that I can remember. Just how cold, can best be described by the fact that we actually pushed or should I say slid my Excursion out of the motel parking lot due to a full inch of ice covering the pavement. Anyways, the first minutes of the morning on the water had me wanting to be back in a comfy bed, more than drifting roe bags. All that changed quickly after about an hour of drifting and boating a quick dozen steelhead ranging from 6 to 16 pounds. By mid-morning and after spending less than 4 hours in our drift almost two dozen steelies had come to the net. This really is the best area of the Great Lakes for steelheading.

From what I learned this is just a average morning of steelheading with Grant.

As for the salmon fishing on the big lake out from the rivermouth , the only word to discribe it is awesome! What other word can you use for a morning of trolling baits that can count upwards of fifty hook-ups and as many as thirty-five fish being brought to the boat. The salmon fishing is hot, hot, hot, right on through the summer and up until the time the big fish move into the Niagara to spawn.

This western end of the lake is also a hot bed of brown trout excitement. Koppers is known for putting his clients in contact with 15 to 20 pound browns. As for the lake trout, you can catch them until the cows come home. In fact, many of his customers look on the big lakers more as pests than quarry. You can only want to catch so many lake trout and more than a hundred in a day is possible.

Looking for that trophy lunge. The waters above the falls are home to some of the biggest on the globe and a strong population of big ones is now on the increase in the lower river as well.

Youíll find that Koppers is one of the best guides found anywhere on the continent. Heís also a pro thatís willing to pass out the information. With this in mind, I recommend even the best of steelheaders spend at least a day with Grant on the river, before attempting to conquer the river first hand by yourself.

Big fish and plenty of them? Some of the best fishing in North America? Grant Koppers offers the best of both and itís only a few minutes from downtown St. Catharines, Ontario.

Baits To Take:

 Spawn Sac

 Northern King Lure

  O'KI Flasher & Squid