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Eagle Pointe Lodge,
Wales Island, British Columbia
British Columbia's saltwater sport fishery is on the rebound. In fact, if truth be known, the trolling for coho and Chinook is better than ever. That's right, salmon fishing success is now at historic highs. And when it comes to fishing those kings and coho, anglers will never find a better salmon fisherman's paradise than Eagle Pointe Lodge.

Eagle Pointe Lodge truly is a fisherman's Valhalla. For starters there's the location. Located on Wales Island far up in the most northern corner of British Columbia, Eagle Pointe is the only land based lodge within a 2400 square mile area situated within the spectacular Inside Passage. Throw a stone from the dock at Eagle Pointe Lodge and you can bet it falls in Alaskan waters.

But let's discuss the fishing. At Eagle Pointe it can only be described as fantastic. Fishing from the confines of comfortable hard topped aluminum cruisers, trophy Chinook are the rule and not the exception. Thirty pound chrome sided Chinook are the rule and not the exception. Fifty pound springs regularly hit the scales at Eagle Pointe. In mid-summer the battling silver coho arrive. Averaging 10 to 15 pounds, these high flyers will tire even the best of fishermen. Looking for the illusive 20 pound plus coho? Then travel to Eagle Pointe. How about playing tug of war with a 150 pound halibut? Those are just classed as little fellows at the lodge called Eagle Pointe. Just for the fun of it you can also hit the saltwater for ling cod and rock cod. Finish the day by lifting crab traps for those marvelous tasting king and Dungeness crab that this region is famous for.

Remember also, that Eagle Pointe Lodge is situated in a true wilderness setting. The protected waters here are bordered by untouched forests. Whales, seals and walrus frolic beside you as your troll. Overhead the bald eagles continuously screech their welcome. You find yourself in a land that has changed little since the time of Cook and Vancouver. You find yourself in paradise.

Eagle Pointe Lodge also offers a lot more than world class fishing. The lodge itself is classed as one of the finest on the coast. Don't expect to be rubbing elbows with the crowds when you come to this fabled location. Eagle Pointe just might be the best in the land, but it limits accommodations to no more than a dozen guests. Experience the finest fishing, the finest scenery, the finest accommodations and the solitude that only Eagle Pointe Lodge can offer.

At Going Fishing Television we rate Eagle Pointe as the best!

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