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R.R. #8
Owen Sound,Ontario
Canada, N4K 5W4

Ennadia Lake Lodge,
Cawker & Young Outfitters, Nunavut
When Tom Young and John Cawker went looking for a location to construct a 5 star lodge you could say they traveled to the end of the earth. Ennadia Lake is far up in the northern wilderness of Canada's Nunavut Territory. When sportsmen arrive by turbo prop from Winnipeg, they step down on a region that borders the treeline and the barren lands. Anglers in search of a true wilderness definitely find it at Ennadia Lake Lodge. Here you walk where few have come before you. Here the lure you present is most likely the first presentation a hungry trout, pike or grayling has ever seen.

Here at Ennadia the fishing is world class. Lake trout grow upwards of 50 pounds and that old saying about catching fish until your arms are ready to fall off is gospel. On the main lake it's possible to experience hundred fish days. Cronzy counted more than a hundred trout in little more than two hours with the aid of a Walker Downrigger and the underwater Strike Vision Camera continually revealed as many as a half dozen lakers at a time attempting to steal away with his offerings.

The back bays of Ennadia are a pike fisherman's paradise. Northerns are everywhere and those pike are almost always trophies. As for the grayling, Ennadia offers up some of the finest fly fishing for this specie found anywhere on the globe. If fly fishing isn't your game, tie on a small Mepps spinner and hook them until your arms ache.

Ennadia also allows the choice of lake fishing or big river angling. When you visit Ennadia make certain you take the time to visit the nearby Kazan River system. What's that saying about a hundred fish in a hundred casts? On the Kazan that's more than just a possibility. How about 30 pound lake trout on light line spinning gear? Or better yet, 5 pound grayling on consecutive casts?

When the day on the water finally comes to an end cozy up in the main lounge for cold refreshments and full course dining. Lodging is also first class in this palace of the north.

And don't forget we mentioned that here you're fishing on the edge of the treeline and the start of barrens. Remember to bring along a camera to photograph the moose, caribou, black bear, grizzly, wolf, muskox, linx and wolverine. just have to love it!

Baits To Take:

Mepps Top Prop

 Berkley Frenzy Walker

  Mepps Musky Killer