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R.R. #8
Owen Sound,Ontario
Canada, N4K 5W4

Ignace Outposts Ltd.
Northwestern Ontario

Hereís a hot tip for all you fishing fanatics. If youíre looking for some of the finest trolling, jigging or casting for trophy sized walleye, northern pike, lake trout and smallmouth bass get on the phone and give Brad and Karen Greaves a call at Ignace Outposts Ltd. at Ignace, Ontario. A little over a year ago, I visited this outfitter and stayed at his Metionga Lake outpost location and guess what? I discovered some of the finest fishing for walleye, that Iíve come across in more than 50 years of fishing. The fishing is so good I could have limited out off the dock in front of my cabin in no time at all. Then again, I had a set of rapids within a stoneís throw of the dock that was a natural fish factory, where chunky 2 to 7 pound walleye were banging and biting my Gulp baits as fast I could lower them down to them. Problem was, just about every time I would hook one of the deep bellied walleye, a big, old, 40 inch plus northern pike would come along and chomp down on my catch and thatís no fish story. In one 30 minute period I hooked a half dozen walleye that ranged from 2 to 4 pounds, only to have monster northerns charge and engulf my quarry before I could get them to the boat. The waters in this corner of Ontario are just choked full of fish and it seems to me that most of them are big fish.

Now, Ignace Outposts Ltd. really is something special. For starters the Greaves have ten wilderness lakes with one or more deluxe cabins located on them. Again, these cabins are situated in picturesque wilderness settings with world class angling. In fact, get ready for the fish youíre chasing to actually wear you out before the fish ever say surrender.

Here are a couple of facts to remember about Ignace Outposts Ltd. They boast a 92 percent satisfaction rate with guests. More than 96 percent of visitors would recommend Ignace Outposts to friends. The operation also boasts an 84 percent return rate with visiting anglers. And all this starts at just under nine hundred dollars which includes the flight from Ignace to your paradise fishing hole in the wilderness by Beaver or Otter aircraft.

Brad and Karen are a pair of the finest tourism operators Iíve come across in the north and when you plan your trip theyíre ready to help you out on deciding what to bring into their locations, including food, clothing and those all important baits. Letís forget the first two and just discuss baits. For starters itís plastics, plastics and more plastics. That means artificial grubs or twister tails in the form of Berkley Power Baits, and Berkley Gulp. Take along a good selection of lead headed jigs in sizes ranging from 1/8 to ľ ounce. That should get you all the walleye youíll ever want to catch in a lifetime. Back that up with a dozen or so oversized Blue Fox spinnerbaits for those trophy northerns when you want to cast and floating Rapala and Berkley Frenzy crankbaits that measure from 3 Ĺ inches upwards to 7 inches for trolling for both of those species.

Again, I found Ignace Outposts to be one of the finest fishing paradises that Iíve ever had a chance to bring my fishing gear to. Donít pass it up!