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R.R. #8
Owen Sound,Ontario
Canada, N4K 5W4

Indian Head Camp
Lake Athabasca

Looking for the biggest lake trout found anywhere on the continent? Then look no farther than Indian Head Camp on Lake Athabasca. For starters this body of water is big and I mean real big. The lake stretches more than 280 miles in length and has an average width of 40 miles. And itís deep, real deep. Drop an anchor over board on this lake and you just might need a rope measuring more than 400 feet in. Thatís right, this lake has depths as deep or deeper than 400 feet. Itís also a lake that is cluttered with an irregular shoreline of bays, dotted with islands and a bottom covered with thousands of humps and shoalsÖÖIdeal lake trout habitat!

Now letís talk Athabasca lake trout. For starters these are without a doubt the biggest average size grey trout that Iíve found anywhere Iíve travelled. During the summer of 2006, Denis Bester and myself filmed two episodes of Going Fishing at Indian Head Camp and we only encountered one problem the entire trip. We could hardly find a lake trout small enough to serve up a shore lunch with. The first morning on the lake I hooked and landed a 30 pounder before Bester could even get his lure lowered in the water. In the first four hours of actual fishing we landed twenty-five lake trout that averaged from 17 to 34 pounds. Now, thatís what you call non-stop fishing. Over a four day period I would estimate more than a hundred lake trout were put in our boat with only three or four weighing under 10 pounds. When they brag about big fish at Indian Head, believe me they can back up their claims.

Most of the trolling we did during our stay took place only a few miles from camp. Shoals, as noted are everywhere and that includes the fabled Russian Shoal, where back in the 1960ís a monster 102 pound laker was hauled out of the lake by commercial gill netters. By the way, that Russian Shoal is still one of the best fishing locations on the big water and itís only a short boat ride from Indian Head.

Taking tackle here, means taking big tackle. I found oversized Mag 26 Rapalas, K-17 Kwikfish and 10 inch long Lucky Strike Canoe spoons worked well. Making the fishing even easier was the fact that Indian Head Camp has all their boats equipped with Walker Electric Downriggers.

Now for Indian Head Camp itselfÖ! Now remember youíre staying in a wilderness region that sits way up on the northern border of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Any building material that is delivered here comes by float plane or ice roads in winter. It was surprising to find accommodations for up to 18 anglers in the comfort that is seldom found farther to the south. The lodge, bedrooms and cottages are modern and lack nothing. The leisure and recreational area looks out over the lake and offers satellite television. As for the food itís simply scrumptious.

The owners, Doug and Carol Glosky, have thought of everything including lodging, food, scenery and most of all the fishing for the biggest trout in the world when they built Indian Head Lodge. They even brought in a top notch camp manager by the name of Matt Proske to make certain the guests are always happy.

Would I go back...........? The reservations have already been made!