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R.R. #8
Owen Sound,Ontario
Canada, N4K 5W4

Kluane Wilderness Lodge,
Wellesley Lake,
Canada’s Yukon Territory
Brian Dack has something very special…..the best lake trout fishing found anywhere on this entire globe of ours! Dack is the owner/operator of Kluane Wilderness Lodge and in Cronzy’s book, there’s no better place to make tracks for than Kluane when it comes to big fish and plenty of them.

Located 200 air miles northwest of Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon Territory, Wellesley Lake is without a doubt the world’s finest lake trout lake. Average lake trout at Kluane weight in at better than 15 pounds, 40 pounders seldom raise an eyebrow and there’s more than enough 60 pound plus fish to wear your arms off.

Wellesley is classed as the number one trophy lake trout lake in Canada by Field and Stream Magazine. Operated on a catch and release policy for more than 15 years this fertile lake keeps producing record catches like no other body of water on the continent. You can jig for them…cast for them….toss flies for them or ….troll artificials for them.

Surprisingly enough, Wellesley Lake is not a big lake by northern Canadian standards and that’s one of the reasons Kluane Wilderness Lodge is such a phenomenal place to visit. You can leave the dock at the lodge and within minutes be tied into a big one. The size of this lake and the immense lake trout population makes for easy fishing for anyone, expert or novice alike.

Kluane Wilderness Lodge is special for it’s size, accommodations, food and just about everything else that makes for a great resort. The lodge can accommodate 18 guests at one time and offers up all the comforts of home and more. The large dining room puts out some of the tastiest food you’ll ever consume. Then there’s the opportunity to share shore lunch with not only your fishing buddies , but bald eagles as well. It’s a great place to bring the buddies, your business acquaintances or the kids

Kluane Wilderness Lodge….you just have to love it!

Baits To Take:

Williams Quick Silver

 Williams Warbler

Bechhold Flasher