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Len's Sportfishing Adventures
Fraser River, British Columbia
The Fraser River may be world famous for its spawning runs of chinook, coho, chum and sockeye salmon, but let me tell you it's also home to the worlds finest white sturgeon fishing. Contrary to popular belief, sturgeon really are one of better game fish. Let's put it this way, picture a 12 foot long, 1,000 pound creature, that leaps like a marlin and tugs like a whale. That's your white sturgeon. During the summer of 2000, I made a trip out to Chilliwack, British Columbia, to enjoy an afternoon of bottom bouncing roe bags on the Fraser with professional fish hunter Len Ames. Within 10 minutes of dropping baits, I hooked into a 50 pounder that broke water like a steelhead and fought like a hellcat.
That fish proved to be just an appetizer. An hour later I hooked into Big Mama. At least by my standards she was. That old fish came out of the water like a Tridon submarine and fought like something I've never hooked before. For more than an hour we played tug of war, with the sturgeon doing all the tugging and
  winning most of the war. When we finally got her in the shallows, the sturgeon measured more than 8 feet in length and weighed out at an estimated 225 pounds. As for me, I was on the verge of cardiac arrest.....I don't even want to think of the condition I would be in brawling with anything larger. Len Ames is one of the finest salmon and trout guides on the river. He's gained a reputation for catching fish and plenty of them. As for getting there, the pretty little town of Chilliwack, is located in the Fraser River Valley less than an hours drive from downtown Vancouver. I'm heading back for another fishing adventure in August of 2001. See you there!

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