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Owen Sound,Ontario
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Lindbergh's Reindeer Lake Lodge,

I'm often asked just where I've experienced my most exciting fishing for northern pike. The answer is simple.....Lindbergh's Reindeer Lake Lodge way up in northern Saskatchewan.

For starters, let's talk about the fish. Reindeer Lake is the Lord's supreme fish factory. From the time you leave the dock at Lindbergh's in the morning, until the time you return to hear the ring of the dinner bell, it's possible and more likely probable, that you'll hook and release a couple of hundred northerns. It's most often a case of your arms and your tackle wearing out before the fish will.

When it comes to fishing and fishermen, Reindeer is one big beautiful lake. It's the tenth largest freshwater lake in North America, covering more than two million acres. There are also more than 5,500 islands dotting this body of water, which makes for plenty of fish structure and protection from the elements if a wind blows up.

Reindeer Lake's northern pike fishing is also a case of quality and not just quantity. Granted you might discover a bay full of hammerhandles, but most waters I've fished are full of 10 pound plus water wolves. As for those big trophies, let me say that I've never had a problem of connecting with fish larger than 40 inches every day that I've spent tossing plugs and spoons on this lake. The Cree guides of Lindbergh's are some of the best in the business. The lake is their home and they know where big ones always lurk.

Reindeer is my favorite lake for trophy northerns, but there's also ample opportunity to be worn down by the immense population of lake trout, walleye, whitefish and grayling that call this lake home. Some of the continent's finest grey trout trolling can be had within a stone's throw of Lindbergh's lodge. Just how good can it get? One August evening, after filling up on a meal of steak and potatoes, Walker Downrigger president Randy Ford and myself went out on the water to test out underwater cameras and new lures. In less than an hour we boated 53 lake trout between us.

I should also mention the hosts and their accommodations. Brian and Charmaine Simms and their partners Doug and Beverly Graham are tops in my book when it comes to running a 5 Star northern operation. I've made four trips to the lake and never once had a complaint. The meals are scrumptious, the main staff is always cordial and the main lodge and cottages are in a class of their own.

Would I go back...........? The reservations have already been made!

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