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When it comes to fishfinders Darryl Choronzey has chosen the Lowrance brands for more than 25 years. Can you blame him? Lowrance was the inventor of those first fish finders back in 1957. Lowrance uses the phrase "We lead, We Find, You Win!"

Whether it's inshore jigging or offshore trolling, Cronzy always depends on Lowrance and Eagle fishfinders. His choice for offshore waters is the LCX-104c. Here's a unit that has it all ... capable of showing 256 colours simultaneously, ultra-high resolution for superior target detail and separation, the option for precision GPS navigation and the finest detailed Lowrance custom mapping CD-ROM software.

Looking for the ideal fishfinder that handles all inshore jigging, casting and trolling needs? Then look no farther than the Lowrance 85. It's the choice of 4 out of 5 professional tournament anglers. It's also Cronzy's choice for fishing anywhere in Canada's north country.

Lowrance/Eagle....the choice of successful anglers everywhere!