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Cronzy's Favourite Fishing Holes
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R.R. #8
Owen Sound,Ontario
Canada, N4K 5W4

West Coast Resorts
Whale Channel & Milbanke Sound,British Columbia

It's a Fisherman's Valhalla! It's fishing at it's best? It's without a doubt one of the finest angling operations in British Columbia! It's West Coast Resorts and if you miss out on a trip to any of West Coast Resorts' five fishing destinations, you're missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

During the summer of 2002 Cronzy and his crew had the opportunity to visit two of West Coast Resorts premier lodges. In mid-June the filming took place at Whale Channel located approximately 450 miles north of Vancouver. Here on the northern coast of British Columbia the fishing is as spectacular as the scenery.

You can expect to catch Chinook from dawn to dusk. Springs better than 30 pounds are almost a guarantee and it seems that daily, 50 and even 60 pounders are coming in to the weigh scales.

As for the B.C. scenery, we did use the word spectacular and we mean it. Whale Channel is untouched. The pines and cedars tower above the inlets. Bald eagles are everywhere in the sky and seals, sea lions and whales seem to be everywhere in the water. Speaking of water, the seas at times may be rough on the outside, but this location offers plenty of protective inlets and bays where the fishing is always hot.

In early September the Going Fishing crew made a return trip to West Coast Resorts only this time their destination was the lodge at Milbanke Sound a hot spot located 350 miles north of Vancouver.

Much like Whale Channel the trolling for coho and Chinook was simply outstanding. In fact when the bites on, it's almost impossible to keep your baits in the water. There's plenty of migrating springs passing by on their way to the spawning grounds, but it was the northern coho that really caught our attention. These high fliers are not only abundant, but huge. Twenty pound coho may be classed as occasional at most British Columbia fishing lodges, at Milbanke they're regarded as common.

If you prefer to chase down lunker halibut, both Whale Channel and Milbanke Sound offer bottom fishing at it's best. These tasty flatfish will average out at better than 30 pounds, but don't be surprised to tangle with halibut that will pull a weigh scale down well past the 100 pound mark.

As well as providing mind boggling fishing action, the lodges at both Whale Channel and Milbanke Sound can be classed as the finest on the coast. Both locations offer five star floating lodges that can accommodate up to forty-two guests. Here they pamper you in the purple. The lounge is relaxing, the bedroom suites include 3 piece bathrooms and the food is simply scrumptious. If your muscles are aching after a long, action packed day on the water, there's also a hot tub on the deck to relax in.

Both locations also provides customers with first class equipment starting with 17 foot Bridgeview aluminum centre consoles outfitted with 50 horsepower 4 stroke outboards. It's single action reels and long rods for most customers visiting these locations, but first timers have the option of using smooth tumbling level wind reels if they choose.

West Coast Resorts prefer not to call their on water staff guides, but instead instructors. The reason is simple. These experts are some of the best on the coast and they not only take you to the big ones, they instruct you on how to rig for them and also catch them. After a few hours on the water the choice is yours, you can either continue fishing with your instructor or go after the big ones by yourself.

Bluntly put the scenery, lodges, staff and fishing are just perfect.

If there really is a Fisherman's Valhalla, believe Cronzy, it will definitely be at West Coast Resorts.

Baits To Take:

 O'KI Flasher &
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 Tomic Lures

  O'KI Flasher & Squid